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Year 3 (Oak)
Year 3 (Oak)

Year 3 (Oak)

Entering Key Stage Two, the children recognise the expectations of joining the senior years at Avenue House School. Maturity, responsibility and the knowledge that they are far from being the youngest anymore, sees children in Year Three complement the knowledge and understanding already established with new opportunities to pursue and embrace.

During their first year of Key Stage Two, children begin to mature and see themselves to some degree as ‘older children’ with greater responsibility as role models for Key Stage One children. They experience a slightly more formal style of teaching in the morning sessions of Mathematics and English, in anticipation of the challenges of life further up the school. With a full time teaching assistant, children receive as much support and individualised attention as they require to make the level of progress expected. In addition to this, work is differentiated to ensure that each child meets his or her full potential. Verbal Reasoning is introduced in an accessible and enjoyable way, stimulating children to attempt and succeed in new intellectual challenges. Afternoons comprise of arts, humanities and Physical Education, providing an opportunity to develop personal interests and investigate topics of interest.

Independence and resilience are strongly encouraged as children manage their personal belongings and are guided towards resolving smaller problems between themselves, within a supportive and nurturing environment. Throughout this process, children gain self-knowledge and empathy, as well as the ability to reflect on their choices.

There are many exciting opportunities for learning throughout the year, both inside and out of the classroom. Previous Year 3 trips include visits to the Golden Hinde at Southwark, London Zoo and ‘Kidzania’. We strongly believe that concrete experiences give meaning to curriculum topics and also that experiencing special days with classmates helps the group to bond and support each other in all situations throughout the year.

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