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WW1 Commemoration Day

A unique day signifying 100 years since the end of hostilities, proved an educationally rich opportunity for Avenue House School pupils to learn about an important chapter in recent human history. An extensive, valuable and thoroughly worthwhile experience for children took place on Friday, 9th November 2018.

Mr Rob Thrush (historian & film maker) was met with a typical Avenue House warm welcome as he arrived to deliver a range of interesting workshops during the course of the day.

Pupils participated in a variety of engaging activities throughout their day. These revolved around:


  • Understanding the Outbreak of WW1, Alliance and Propaganda - Implications of War

  • The Role of Women and Life at Home - Impact on children

  • Life in the Trenches

  • Soldier Drill

  • Stratagem & Futility


In addition, children had the opportunity to make some delicious, and apt, Anzac biscuits (the significance of which was duly shared), as well as enjoy a World War One themed lunch. A remarkably tasty dish where ‘seconds’ were requested across the dining room, momentarily captured the heady atmosphere of the mess hall.

The appropriately sombre and dignified remembrance of those who lost their lives, with poignant reminders of the gravity and sheer devastation of war were importantly recognised and sensitively explored. A special war poetry assembly enabled Year 6 to share their powerful work with others. Periods for reflection were suitably interspersed between the various activities arranged during the course of the day.

Recently, children had been contributing to a beautiful Poppy memorial. This comprised of over 70 large poppies (and wreaths) which were ‘planted’ in the school front garden. Yet another element to an incredible day, saw pupils and accompanying teachers visit from The Greek Primary School of London in Acton. Sharing in the events arranged and lending another perspective, the children left with much to think about and reflect upon.

A memorable school day for all concerned was the outcome.

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