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World Wildlife Day

The wild and wonderful turned up today at Avenue House School. Endangered species alongside some domesticated varieties, balanced precariously on two feet, entered the building in suitable style. A collection of curiously familiar creatures were welcomed as a unique school day began to unfold.

A joint initiative courtesy of our School Council and Eco-Committee, saw an enthusiastic response from children throughout the years. Donations came thick and fast as paws, claws and even hooves somehow clutched coins & notes to be readily presented for a worthy cause.

Pupils sought to raise ample funds in order that threatened wildlife be further protected from the realities of deforestation, poaching and climate change. The funds raised will be used to sponsor endangered species. Contributions are to be combined to protect those most at risk of the unthinkable – extinction. Sadly, as the result of human interference, precious and now rare species need our help. Pupils at Avenue House are eager to do just that and preserve remaining numbers of snow leopard, bobcat, gorilla and panda, to name a few.

SMSC (Spiritual Moral Social Cultural) Education is a key feature of life at the school. The state of the environment is a healthy concern for the young minds and attitudes developing in our care. A generation conscious of our significant impact on the world around us is essential. We are grateful for the donations made and the resulting opportunity that this presents.

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