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Toy Museum 2018

On Tuesday afternoon, the children of Beech invited the whole school to their Toy Museum. At a set time, each class took up the warm invitation and stepped into the past.

In the History lessons this term, the Year 1 children have been learning about toys – both old and new. To create the museum, each child brought in three toys from home to display and discuss. The children had written labels for their toys as part of last week’s homework, which also linked in with their English Curriculum: making lists, labels and captions.

All the children in Year 1 spoke confidently about their toys to the other children in different year groups; they discussed how old the toys were, what they were made of, where they came from etc. There was also an opportunity to play with some of the toys!

The museum comprised of: an old Star Wars ‘Slave 1’ spaceship 1981, Itsy and Bitsy from Paperplay, Thames TV 1974 1981, a ball in the cup, a Peruvian doll, a wooden giraffe, to name but a few of the many interesting exhibits. The children had plenty of fun whilst learning at the same time. A big thank you to all the parents in Beech who supported this wonderful event!

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