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Residential Trip 2016

After the coach journey and upon arrival, we had lunch and were told which activity groups we were in and which rooms we were occupying.

The first activities my group did were aeroball, where we jumped on trampolines while trying to score through hoops and crate challenge, where we built a mountain out of crates, whilst being harnessed to a cable in the air!

After dinner, we played a game called wacky races: a relay race where we had to act with a particular characteristic, for e.g. a person who had won the lottery and then found out that it was a mistake.

On the second day, we had breakfast and then did our third activity of the trip, which was a sensory trail. The activity involved being blindfolded and working our way through an obstacle course - it was fun and also challenging.  Our next activity was zip wire and the platform we had to jump off was at least ten metres high.

After lunch, our activities were survivor, which was bushcraft and climbing, where we scaled a ten metre climbing wall. During the former session, we built shelters and learned how to make fire! Making fire with flint and steel was harder than it looked.

In the evening, we had a quiz show including questions about literature, art and entertainment.

On the last day, we did orienteering and giant swing. Giant swing was probably the scariest and most exhilarating. Mrs. Knowles screamed the whole way down – I heard it terribly well, as I was sitting next to her!

After having lunch, we boarded the coach and returned to school.

The three days were highly memorable and exposed us to many different experiences. I hope the same residential trip is offered to Year 5 and 6 next year.

By a Year 6 student

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