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Red Nose Day!

Despite the cold weather, the only red noses in sight were those displaying a comical range of characters in recognition of Red Nose Day 2017!

Children complemented their unusual nose with similarly coloured attire to enter into the spirit of the occasion. Throughout the week money had been raised as our supply of ‘noses’ rapidly diminished. Donations were much appreciated each morning until the very last ‘nose’ was gone.

The pupils learned more about the charity drive in a special assembly where we explored the important work taking place here in the UK and further afield. The ‘Red Nose Day’ theme filtered into lessons and even lunch had a delightful and unexpected twist to it.

Red Nose Day always captures the imagination and this year was certainly no different. Plenty of fun was had by all alongside a due appreciation of the purpose behind this annual event recognised up and down the country.

Contributions during the course of the week enabled us to raise an impressive total of £367.16. Thank you, to all those who made this possible.

“The culmination of her time at your excellent school has seen her offered places at every one of the schools she applied for. This is a tremendous result.”