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Presentation of Year Books to Year 6, 2016

It was wonderful to witness Mr. Sheppard presenting Year 6 students with their Yearbooks. Parents of Year 6 student kindly resurrected a tradition of compiling a Yearbook for those students leaving Avenue House School, at the end of this summer term. Each child received their Yearbook in 'Celebration Assembly', and had to resist - with great effort - opening it to read it, until the assembly had finished!
Kindest thanks goes to Year 6 parents and especially those who put the Yearbook together. Our special Year 6 students will treasure their books for years to come, recalling fond memories of learning, socialising and building a foundation of life skills that will give them confidence in senior school.
We wish them well and the best for the future.
Mrs. Knowles

“I love going to my school. I have lots of friends and the teachers are really nice.”

Year 3 Pupil