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Number Day

The first day of February proved numerically significant at Avenue House School as we hosted our very first Number Day. We joined thousands of other schools across the UK in raising funds for the NSPCC. Lessons throughout the school day took on a mathematical theme, activities included:

  • School Treasure Hunt – solving mathematical puzzles to advance

  • Cooking ‘Rocky Road’ – estimating, measuring, calculating ratios

  • ‘Who wants to be a Mathionaire?’

  • Times Table Rockstar Competition – online quiz timing & tracking recall speed

  • 2-D shape dance & exercise – movement with a twist

  • Measure Me – tape measures at the ready!

Pupils wore outfits which ranged from Albert Einstein to multiple equations and footballers. It was a day embraced by our keen mathematicians throughout the school. Six of whom are to compete in The Primary Mathematics Challenge Bonus Round very soon.

Fun with numbers without remainder had been calculated and logically resulted in an equally verifiable rich learning experience for all.

Challenges + Fun = Learning

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