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New School Garden!

Our school garden was completely regenerated in April.

A fresh new look greeted children on their return from the Easter break. The impressive workmanship courtesy of West London Gardens has been a talking point whilst the scooter pods and bicycle racks are proving to be a well-used feature of this new space.

The pond is attracting the gaze of little eyes each day as the inhabitants swim back and forth in their ‘refurbished’ pool. Even the robins and sparrows seem to agree that this is the place to be!

In time, Mindfulness sessions and Story time will gravitate to the garden, a welcoming place for contemplation and reflection during the busy day.

Work carried out has opened up a space for parents to collect children more easily and allow for an even smoother dismissal period at the end of the day. Indeed, it almost invites folks to linger and chat, sharing the trials and tribulations of ‘London Life’. We look forward to the various plants and shrubs catching the sun and growing in their new home, adding a further splash of colour to the front of our homely school.

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