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Mad Science Day

A crazy scientist arrived at the school on Friday, 12th May to conduct a series of fantastic experiments, demonstrating the incredible and unbelievable to children of all ages.

Captivated, enthralled and brimming with excitement, pupils investigated scientific phenomena throughout the day. Balloons & balls appeared to levitate, a 5-yr-old seemed to have the lung capacity of an elephant whilst slime oozed through tiny fingers. Wonderfully creative and accessible tutorials captured the curiosity.

It was a delightful and memorable experience for the children, stimulating interest in the world of science. Having arranged this special opportunity for pupils, the AHSPSC may be partly responsible for inspiring a future little Einstein.

“Avenue House combines academic rigour with quality art, drama, music, weekly swimming & offsite games lessons as well as many after-school clubs resulting in well-rounded, and, most importantly, happy children”

Parent 2017