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Horrible Histories

On the morning of 11th May, children prepared for the imminent arrival of a Roman Centurion and a WW1 soldier. An incredible journey in situ awaited and a fascinating window into the past opened.

Revealing some of the slightly less pleasant yet arguably rather intriguing and fascinating aspects of the time from which they had been plucked, the authentic characters captured the imagination of pupils throughout the school. Encountering a ‘living relic’ proved a memorable experience. Some probing questions prepared beforehand kept our timeless guest on his alternately sandaled and booted toes.

Familiarised with the routines of ancient Rome’s respected military men, children in Key Stage One marched in regimental style and grappled with a weighty scutum (shield). As the day progressed and time passed at an astonishing rate, an admirably chirpy soldier from a World War One battlefield lifted spirits at the end of a long school week. Troubles were duly packed up in the old kit bag and a touching recollection of Christmas 1914 gave all plenty of hope for the future.

A wonderful day to remember kindly organised by our Parents’ Committee.

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