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Greek Day

Friday, 9th March proved to be a spectacular day of Grecian splendour and wonder at Avenue House School. With pupils encouraged to don Grecian style attire or emulate a Greek God/Goddess for this splendid occasion, it was a day to remember and inspire with even our local MP (Rupa Huq) dropping by to enjoy a taste of Greek culture at the school.

A Greek Teacher, courtesy of the Greek Embassy of London, introduced children throughout to a new and yet ancient language. A live ‘Skype’ interaction with a primary school in Vergina, from which Alexander the Great originated, initiated a link with a European country and a future relationship beckons which pupils are certain to benefit from.

Mediterranean cuisine tempted the taste buds with a lunchtime banquet worthy of Olympus and the opportunity to sample olives, feta and tzatziki, provided necessary fuel for the events of the day. Scenes inspired by Greek theatre entertained, a mini-Olympics revealed Herculean prowess and a Greek art workshop captured the imagination.

MP Rupa Huq addressed the children, alluding to the origins of the word ‘democracy’ and form of government first introduced in the 5th Century BC Athens. The importance and value of retaining close links with European nations was emphasised as Rupa fielded questions from children eager to learn more. Perhaps it’s not every day the Member of Parliament is quizzed by Hermes, Poseidon and a small, yet mighty Zeus.

A rich cultural exchange and experience featured on the timetable today at Avenue House School.

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