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Black Mountain

On Monday, 12th June, Year Five and Six ventured west, far beyond the sprawling metropolis to the relative peacefulness and beauty of the welsh mountains for a week of outdoor adventures.

Mrs Grace, Mrs Gray and I witnessed that tranquillity somewhat compromised as a band of brave adventurers emerged from a long coach journey brimming with excitement and anticipation.

It was an exhilarating few days, where fresh challenges requiring perseverance and resilience were suitably accomplished. A sense of achievement, both personal and collaborative was experienced as each seemingly insurmountable ‘mountain’ was conquered. The building of rafts to seaworthy standard demanded teamwork of the highest order. Possibly, even greater enthusiasm emerged as the sinking of said rafts was the prospective task assigned to opposing crews.

Rock faces were scaled and navigation through dark caves below, busied the intrepid explorers. Following the gruelling events of an outward bound day, each evening pupils enjoyed a hearty meal and recharged for what the morning would bring.

Returning a little tired, yet bursting with stories of endeavour and proudly displaying the odd bruise or scratch, pupils are sure to remember the grit and determination they demonstrated in successfully navigating a range of physically and mentally challenging tasks.  

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