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Author Christian Darkin's visit

Whole school assembly and workshops with Years 2-6.

On Friday 22nd March the children’s author and CBeebies animator Christian Darkin gave up some of his time as a busy author to share his enterprising and unusual ideas with us.  Christian is known for writing the ‘Act Normal’ series of books which are inspired by science and fantasy.  The children of Avenue House decided to give him an especially warm welcome as many of the students enjoy creative writing and wish to possibly write and publish a book because they enjoy letting their imagination run wild.

Christian Darkin is a fun and giddy character, brimming with wit and invention, who enjoys being with children as he has some of his own.  He explained to us in assembly that they are the experts on whom he tests out his story ideas!  We all learnt a lot from his revealing answers to our varied questions about life as an author.

In Christian’s workshops for pupils from Year 2 up to Year 6, we created and presented a villain in our groups.  Each villain had 1 to 2 things about them making them superior to others; yet had 2 major flaws- making their masterplan go horribly wrong!  Somehow he managed to make every person in the school have an absolutely amazing day, bringing out all the wonderful ideas that usually stay hidden within our heads.

Hopefully, all the pupils have learned a thing or two about what it is like to be an author and animator.

- Genevieve, Year 6.


Christian Darkin’s Workshop with Reception and Year 1

Christian Darkin thrilled Reception and Year 1 with an exciting reading from his book, ‘Act Normal – And Don’t Tell Anyone about the Dinosaur in the Garden’.

During the workshop, the children listened attentively, answered questions enthusiastically, expressed their own opinions and predictions, described potions and ‘how chickens had become dinosaurs’!

Christian showed us a cbeebies Magic Hands animation which he had helped to make.  To add to the excitement, he brought various types of dinosaur teeth moulds and fossils.  The children enjoyed guessing which dinosaur the teeth came from.

A fantastic learning experience for the children.

- Mrs Monteforte


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