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Asia Day

Asia Day was a unique day at Avenue House School devoted to enthusing children for the subject of Geography. On Friday, 23rd September 2016 children were invited to dress-up in the traditional clothes of an Asian country.  Lessons in sushi-making enthralled and captivated throughout the morning whilst, after a delicious Asian-themed lunch, a Bollywood workshop featured for each year group certainly making this a day to remember for all involved.

The school was visited by teachers from the Japanese Foundation who provided an introduction to the language as well as an insight into origami. This special day at Avenue House School also saw children design Tibetan peace flags, ‘master’ the use of chopsticks, taste homemade curries and learn a considerable amount about those countries and cultures spanning a vast and varied continent.

Generating interest in a part of the world, perhaps unfamiliar to pupils, was the outcome and product of a thoroughly engaging and inspiring day. It begs the question, as to which continent will transform Avenue House School on our next geographical adventure?


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