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Alice In Wonderland

On Wednesday, 6th June the University of West London played host to our spectacular Senior Production. A show worthy of those bright lights on Broadway, it proved another splendid occasion exemplifying the incredible capabilities of children in Key Stage Two at the school.

With such poise and composure from our young performers, they simply oozed confidence -delivering carefully learned lines, executing steps expertly in various dances, achieving demanding melodies and importantly, very much enjoying the whole experience. The children dazzled, impressed and thoroughly entertained the school community.  Audience members delighted in the story of ‘Alice’ - absorbed in all that unfolded during the course of an extensive and elaborate performance.

Such a staggering achievement saw considerable time, commitment and dedication from all those involved. There were valuable contributions from many to achieve remarkable success on such a grand scale.

Those in attendance were truly transported to Wonderland.

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