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Aboard The Golden Hind

Year 3 and 4 set off on a gloriously sunny, but chilly Friday morning on an adventure to visit the famous Golden Hind ship. The coach journey through central London was magical in itself as students were able to spot renowned landmarks on such a clear winter’s day.

After reaching our destination in the shadows of London Bridge, the group met our intrepid guide who was dressed as a 16th century sailor. Once on board the Golden Hind the extremely informative guide led the group on a tour of the ship’s four decks.

We learned many interesting facts about the original Golden Hind and the full size replica which we were visiting. One memorable moment occurred when we found out how the heavy anchor was raised from beneath the ship. Several students were chosen to demonstrate by pushing wooden bars which turned the capstan, raising the anchor. Meanwhile everyone sang the words of The Drunken Sailor song, ‘Hooray and up she rises’.

Our guide described the cramped conditions endured by the 80 men and children who were on board for the three year, round the world voyage. Children as young as eight were recruited by the captain, Sir Francis Drake for this dangerous, yet rewarding trip in 1577.

Another exciting part of the day was learning how the ship’s guns (minions) worked. Again, several pupils were chosen to demonstrate how to fire the guns at passing ships. When we had visited all four decks, trying our best not to bang heads on the very low ceiling, we disembarked the Golden Hind.

We ate a delicious lunch, prepared by Ms Day, in a room which was reconstructed to resemble a deck of the Golden Hind. Here we had a further opportunity to see more Tudor roses which Year 4 had been learning about in History.

What a wonderful, informative and memorable trip.

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