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2016 Senior Production: A Letter to the Trenches

On Thursday 9th June 2016, KS2 students performed a musical production called “A Letter to the Trenches”. The directors who put this play together were Mrs Knowles, Director of Studies and the Year 6 Form Teacher and Mr Harper, the Year 1 Teaching Assistant, who used to be an actor! The performance was staged at The Playhouse, Questors Theatre in Ealing, which was vast and had 5 entrances and exits. Year 3 and 4 were the choir who sang the songs with the actors on the stage. Year 5 and 6 were the main cast and solo singers. Miss Wilson was in charge of the singing – there were 8 songs.

The story was set in a village during World War One. The lads from the village were willing to enlist and fight for their country on the frontlines in Belgium. Initially, they thought it was ‘fun and games’, but the reality was not what they expected it to be; “War’s a dirty business”.

Joe (the main character) asked his younger brother (Alfie) to send a letter to Joe’s sweetheart (Grace) but then he lost it. Whilst Alfie was looking for the letter with his friends: Pete, Emily and Kitty, Grace went off to London to train as a nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital. No one knew where she had gone. When she was at St Mary’s Hospital, only one person knew where she was: Mrs Schroder, Alfie’s old piano teacher. She ends up revealing to the ‘gloomy’ children where Grace has gone.

Finally the letter is delivered, but Grace’s dad has been missing her a lot and he regretted being cruel to her. Emily had known this so she wrote to Grace telling her to come back to the village.

Grace returns home to find her dad a kinder man. All this time, the lads’ sweethearts have been working in a factory, including Grace (until her departure to London). The women’s roles were changing and some of them made weapons for the ‘war effort’.

In the village, the school organises a fete to donate money to the Red Cross. Everyone in the whole village is sad and wishes that the lads were safely home.

Everyone reunites on stage for the finale: ‘We Will Remember Them’.

This year’s Senior Production was an incredible opportunity to perform on a bigger, more complex and professional stage in front of a larger audience. Mrs Knowles knew that this would increase our confidence. We received cheering and huge rounds of applause and encouraging comments from the parents and other staff.

Finally, the efforts and the time which has been put into enhancing the Senior Production must go to Mrs Knowles and Mr Harper and to other individuals involved.

By a Year 6 Student    


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